Open Grip

Welcome to Open Grip! You will find all the info about the show here!

This edition of Open Grip is going virtual! The showing of this edition of Open Grip is Saturday, August 22nd at 8pm EDT.

Open Grip is a showing of debut and works in progress pieces of aerial artistry or ground work by performers of all levels. In this unique production we invite the audience to be a part of the process by providing critique. Since this is a virtual show feedback will be provided via google forms. Below you will find all of the artist and act information as well as links to each artist's feedback forms. As always during Open Grip,we will give a 2 minute interlude in between acts for you to fill out the feedback forms.

Open Grip was started by Paper Doll Militia Co-Founder Sarah Bebe Holmes in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sarah has allowed THE SPACE to bring Open Grip to the U.S. right here in Atlanta! This edition of Open Grip was filmed at The Artist's Asylum (Marietta, GA) and all of the proceeds will go to aid the studio during this time.

Shannon Stanley - Aerial Sling

Act Title: Cha Cha

Description: It's just something I decided to do and I did it...

(Shannon was asked very last minute if she was willing to fill in an act to round out the show and she rose to the occasion!)


Melanie Allen and Carol Carr - Aerial Fabric and Piano

Act Title: Westworld

Description: In this act, one of Westworld's hosts finds themselves practicing silks in reverie.



Emma Johnson - Lyra

Act Title: Untitled

Description: I was not originally going to perform for Open Grip, but loving any sort of deadline is appreciated at this point.  I began my creative process like I always do, with a feeling.  Currently I feel such a sadness for what was, what could have been, but this is our new world and we must adapt.

So I think this is what I've created, a longing, a sadness, a good bye.  Good bye to yesterday, to what was.  And finding hope to what will come.

Thank You to Connie for unknowingly knowing what I needed and to the AA for giving us a safe space to be ourselves


Ellie Jones - Lyra

Act Title: Coming Down

Description: In life you experience ups and down.  However, if you remain hopeful and positive you can live through the dark times and find your way back to joy and happiness.  Life is always darkest before the dawn.  This act really examines, through movement and performance, how hope can help inspire someone to move past negativity and manifest a positive future.


Elisheba -  Pole

Act Title: Raghed

Description: Elisheba is a computer scientist, belly dancer, sometime circus artist, and two years ago she discovered pole dance from our very own Echo! This year she decided to enter a pole competition and has been training very hard under Heidi Coker( featured in the video background changing pole settings) to be able to show both her finger cymbals and release moves in a competition format.  This is her competition draft routine, please critique harshly to help her prepare.


Lindsey, Gracyn, Leah

Act Title: The Clique

Description: Three friends, who have fun together, laugh together, and inspire each other, express through movement the importance of their personal bond.  Often times the name clique can be used to mean something negative.  For these three, clique is just a word that encapsulates their close personal ties.


Constance Echo Palmer - Dance Trapeze

Act Title: Broken Teacup

Description: This is a works in progress for a commissioned piece.  I was recently asked to contribute a work to a virtual BLM benefit show (proceeds to go to the NAACP) curated by Sarah Patrinellis in Portland, OR.  I wanted to create something a little fun, and uplifting.  Something...hopeful.  This is the first draft of the act, so I would love input in order to polish it before submitting it.  


Sorsha Masters - Contemporary Dance

Act Title: Cherry Wine

Description: I was inspired by a trip to New York City to choreograph this piece.  I was taken to see a musical about famous characters in Greek mythology, and one character stood out to me for her strength and her beauty... Persephone.  So this is my way of paying respect to the goddess of spring and queen of the underworld.