Constance is a dancer and aerialist that specializes in vertical apparatus; fabric, corde lisse (rope), and double/multi corde. She is versed in partnering on bars (trapeze and lyra) as well as vertical apparatus. Constance is a touring artist working with a variety of circuses and companies touring the US and internationally.

Her passion for performing is only matched by her passion for teaching. Constance was the director of The Space: A Movement Arts Studio in Atlanta, GA, USA from 2014-2018. She continues to teach in Atlanta, as well as across the US and abroad when she is not on stage. Constance is dedicated to growing community for aerial students and teachers locally as well as globally. She founded and organizes the Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival and started the group Aerial Instructors and Studio Owners on facebook.

Constance is a lifelong mover with an unending thirst for more knowledge about the human form and how we move in the world. She carries a B.S. in Biology in which she focused on Anatomy and Physiology, carries teaching certificates in yoga, pilates, and aerial arts. Constance provides teacher training and ongoing support for studios such as Canopy and Akrosphere as well as courses open to the public under her company Sage Movement Arts. She presents at aerial conferences and festivals as well as travels to teach workshops and continuing education for teachers. Constance is an editor of the Aerial Hoop and Rope manuals as well as a contributor to The Aerial Rope Manual Vol. 2. available at

Intro to Momentum E-Course (Rope & Fabric)

An introduction to dynamic technique. This course is a robust collection of instructional videos on foundational beats and how to use them.

The material in the course is shown on aerial rope, but all of the skills and technique can be performed on fabric as well. This course is fully online and fully self directed, in that once you enroll in the course you have access to the information indefinitely so you can work thorough this material as quickly or leisurely as you like.

The course is broken down into seven units sandwiched by an introduction and a conclusion. Each unit has a narrow focus and builds on the previous information. In this course I discuss how to hang, give technique for fundamental beats, and also discuss applications for each of the beats.

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6-Week Guided Intro to Momentum Course (Rope & Fabric)

This course is a 6-week program that follows along with the outline of the Intro to Momentum on Rope E-Course.

I know what you're going to ask:
Yes! there is a discount for Patreon and
YES! there is a special add-on rate for the guided course if you have already purchased the e-course but I will get to that shortly. Let's talk about the meat and potatoes first:

What: 6 Week Intro to Momentum Guided Program
When: Next cycle TBA
What: Things the Program Includes:
- Intro to Momentum e-course
- weekly homework assignments
- 6 weekly video reviews in a google drive folder - 30 day access, must download
- 6 weekly office hours (Fridays 12-1pm) open to everyone in course
- 3 one-on-one zoom check ins (30 minutes each - week 1, week 3, week 6)
- secret facebook group so everyone can be friends!
- additional bonus videos

How Much: $784.00
--- Patreon Rate $700.00
--- Program Only Rate $650 (already own e-course)
***payment plan available***

There is a small application with a video submission to enter the course because I am only taking a small number of people for this first round and I want everyone to be able to work at roughly the same base level.

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private lessons

Private Lessons are currently only available on Mondays in person south of Atlanta or via zoom.

Constance offers aerial and ground (yoga, pilates, contortion) private lessons when she is in Atlanta and when she is traveling for workshops and performances. Private lessons can be skill based, creative and improvisational, or choreographic in nature. She also enjoys helping aspiring professionals develop their own training schedules and regiments with a strong focus on safely building strength and excellent technique. She regularly consults with physical therapists on the best and most current exercises for pre-hab and injury prevention. Constance specializes in corde lisse (aerial rope) however she also enjoys teaching private lessons on fabric (aerial silks and sling), pole, and duo work on static trapeze, lyra, and vertical apparatus (rope and silks).

Solo Lesson Rates:
$85.00 (1 hr)
$110.00 (1.5 hrs)
$150 (2 hrs)

Shared Lesson Rates:
$45/person (1 hr)
$65/person (1.5 hrs)
$85/person (2 hrs)

For Inquiries:

Mindful Bending

Want to get bendier but don’t know where to start? Keep doing the same stretches with little improvements? There is so much seemingly conflicting info and programming out there, it can get pretty overwhelming, and who has the time? I would be thrilled to help you sift through the chatter and help you reach your bendy goals. I approach flexibility from a place of being open to listening and noticing our own bodies. Each session is highly personalized with the option of adding multiple sessions per week or homework with check ins!

Although I have been a lifelong mover, my passion for contortion began as an adult. I have studied so many different movement modalities including different styles of dance, yoga, pilates, flow and aerial arts, in addition to contortion. My training approach melds fundamental ideas from different disciplines and is informed by my background in Anatomy and Physiology from my Bachelor of Science. Movement is a practice and this is no different. Artists that want to work with me on a weekly basis see the most consistent improvements and successes and that’s what this program is for.

Reach out to set your schedule either via any DM or Once you’re on the books we will begin with an initial consultation (30 minutes) via zoom before your first movement session. You’ll need to book your sessions the month before you start to ensure availability. Currently Monday’s are the only day I am teaching unless you book multiple sessions per week. These sessions are available via zoom or in person at my personal studio south of Atlanta.

Rates: paid by the month (4 weeks) via zelle/venmo/paypal – fees not included
1 session per week $180/month ($45)
2 sessions per week $320/month ($40)
3 sessions per week $420/month ($35)

These session rates are only available for monthly packages. One-off lessons at this rate cannot be purchased. Regular rates are $85/hr aerial $50/hr ground.

Initial Consultation: (30 minute zoom) – Included
• introductions
• general assessment
• set goals
• plan warm ups

Necessary Equipment:
• yoga or pilates mat
• strap/belt
• blocks 2+
• resistance bands
• ankle weights
• access to a wall


Constance Echo has a repertoire of pre-developed workshops, but is always open to building custom courses for studios by request! Her favorite things to teach are theory, momentum, and creative exploration.
Check the News section for upcoming workshops!

Email: for an up to date list of workshops and rates!


Rope Foundations
Level I
Rope Fundamentals
Level II
Rope Principles
Level III
Rope Purpose
Level IV
Rope Things:
sequencing and choreo
Bendy Corde:
splits and backbends on rope
Introducing Momentum
Full Swing:
dynamic pathways
infinity circles
rolling up & rolling down
Drop It Like You Mean It:
theory and analysis
Connecting the Locks:
hip lock & thigh lock on fabric
The Space Between:
working on split tissu
The Space Between 2.0
advanced split tissu
Funky Fabric Flow
Hitchhiking on Silks
tension locks on fabric
Breakbeat Breakdown
Slay the Belay
Fabric Theory

Bars and Loops

Sling Things:
theory and choreography
Momentum on Sling:
beats & spins
Double Up:
Loop Straps
Duo Trapeze Foundations
Duo Mix Up:
trapeze, fabric & lyra
Dance Trap Noods
Creative Sequences


Inversion Clinic
Creating Transitions
Pre-hab and Strengthen:
injury prevention and conditioning
Developing Lines
Shoulder Anatomy & Physiology
Rope Games
Movement Prompts & Puzzles
mixed apparatus