Constance is a dancer and aerialist that specializes in vertical apparatus; fabric, corde lisse (rope), and double/multi corde. She is versed in partnering on bars (trapeze and lyra) as well as vertical apparatus. Constance is a touring artist working with a variety of circuses and companies touring the US and internationally.

Her passion for performing is only matched by her passion for teaching. Constance was the director of The Space: A Movement Arts Studio in Atlanta, GA, USA from 2014-2018. She continues to teach in Atlanta, as well as across the US and abroad when she is not on stage. Constance is dedicated to growing community for aerial students and teachers locally as well as globally. She founded and organizes the Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival and started the group Aerial Instructors and Studio Owners on facebook.

Constance is excited to join the Born to Fly network as a teacher trainer, collaborator, and mentor. Constance is also a contributor to The Aerial Rope Manual Vol. 2 authored by Rebekah Leach. As a long time believer in Born to Fly, she completed Paper Doll Militias Level 1 Fabric and Trapeze as well as Level 2 Fabric courses and Alex Allan’s Dynamic Teacher Training for rope and fabric under the Born to Fly network.

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Recurring Online Classes

The Lunch Crunch
Mondays | 12:00 - 12:45p EST | $10

Join me Mondays from your home office, your back yard, or your bunker via ZOOM! This class is a quick 45 minute lunch burn to work on core and booty using your own body weight (but you can totally up the ante if you want to use light weights, cans of soup, jugs of milk, or a cat.)

Flex & Burn
Wednesdays | 6:00 - 7:45p EST | $30

Join me Wednesdays (but at a physical distance) to improve your active flexibility in this 90 minute zoom class! The class will be focused on building strong splits and back bends, improving lines, and developing a bangin' banana like toe point! Let's face it (if we all stay home and listen to the scientists) this dreadful thing will pass, the aerial studios will open up again, and you know you want people to say "Damn, son! Has your split always been a 180*?!"

Ideally you would have a yoga mat, some wide therabands, yoga blocks, foam roller, access to a wall and a box (or couch or chair), and ankle weights if you want to work extra hard on that booty! However, we can modify anything or use creative household items!

private lessons

Constance offers aerial private lessons when she is in Atlanta and when she is traveling for workshops and performances. Check the schedule of upcoming events to see where! Private lessons can be skill based, creative and improvisational, or choreographic in nature. She also enjoys helping aspiring professionals develop their own training schedules and regiments with a strong focus on safely building strength and excellent technique. She regularly consults with physical therapists on the best and most current exercises for pre-hab and injury prevention. Constance specializes in corde lisse (aerial rope) however she also enjoys teaching private lessons on fabric (aerial silks and sling), pole, and duo work on static trapeze, lyra, and vertical apparatus (rope and silks).

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Constance Echo has a repertoire of pre-developed workshops, but is always open to building custom courses for studios by request! Her favorite things to teach are theory, momentum, and creative exploration.
Check the News section for upcoming workshops!

Email: for an up to date list of workshops and rates!


Rope Foundations
Rope Fundamentals
Rope Principles
Rope Things:
sequencing and choreo
Bendy Corde:
splits and backbends on rope
Introducing Momentum
Full Swing:
dynamic pathways
infinity circles
rolling up & rolling down
Drop It Like You Mean It:
theory and analysis
Connecting the Locks:
hip lock & thigh lock on fabric
The Space Between:
working on split tissu
The Space Between 2.0
advanced split tissu
Funky Fabric Flow
Hitchhiking on Silks
tension locks on fabric
Breakbeat Breakdown

Bars and Loops

Sling Things:
theory and choreography
Momentum on Sling:
beats & spins
Double Loops
Duo Trapeze Foundations
Duo Mix Up:
trapeze, fabric & lyra


Inversion Clinic
Creating Transitions
Pre-hab and Strengthen:
injury prevention and conditioning
Creating Lines